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XENON GPU Computing Solutions

GPU computing is a mainstream requirement for a range of workloads and applications. XENON builds a range of workstations and servers and all of them can be configured with a range of GPU accelerators. With a wide range of data centre class GPUs and even consumer grade GPUs that pack a punch, XENON can build a GPU solution that fits your requirements and budget!

This is a short guide to the range.

NITRO Workstations for individuals, small teams

XENON Nitro z515The modern XENON NITRO Workstations pack supercomputer power into small form factors which can sit in an office environment. These are ideal for individual researchers or small teams. While generally configured with a single CPU and one or two GPUs, the high end supercomputer towers can be built with up to 4 liquid cooled GPUs and dual CPUs, along with plenty data storage and dual power supplies. The XENON NITRO range provides the widest choice of GPUs and with configurations to meet any budget or need. These units really are supercomputers in a tower. Review the XENON NITRO Workstation range here, or contact us to start configuring your solution.


XENON RADON KRYPTON ARGON ServersA significant step up in power and durability, Servers are designed to handle the heat, provide redundant power, and ample data storage. At this scale, the heat and noise of these systems makes them unsuitable for office environments.

The RADON range is built around Intel CPUs, and the KRYPTON range is built around AMD CPUs. Each platform provides options for entry level single CPUs, high spec CPUs with more I/O channels that can support more PCIe based GPUs, and up to mutli-CPU units and mutli-node units for high density deployments.

The ARGON range is the speciality NVIDIA Grace CPU based on ARM architecture. The integrated CPU and GPU chips offer step-change in power and ability to handle large AI models and datasets.

Compute Power, Price and Flexibility

Computing power is much like motorsports – it take money and engineering quality to go fast! While we all love to go fast, XENON understand that you really need the right system for your application and workload, and your budget.

Entry to mid-range servers accommodate usually from 1 to 4 GPUs, packing enough power into a small unit to power the most aggressive requirements.

Higher range models can fit up to 8 PCIe based GPUs. These servers have powerful enough CPUs to manage the data traffic, networking and keep all the GPUs cool and working efficiently.

Finally there are a range of models where the GPUs are linked together through joint boards – like the NVIDIA NVLink systems. These are also known as NVIDIA HGX Systems and these solutions allow GPUs to talk and share data directly across NVLink, and for the GPUs to be joined together as logical units. Currently these are available in 4x or 8x GPU configurations with the H100 and A100 (and in early 2024 the H200).

XENON NVIDIA Grace Hopper superchipFinally, there is the range of new combined SuperChip servers – the XENON ARGON range which are built on the NVIDIA Grace CPU and Grace Hopper CPU+GPU superchips. The new Grace architecture is highly energy efficient, and scales with to meet the requirements of the latest generation GPUs. The ARGON R317 Grace system can be paired with NVIDIA PCIe based GPUs, while the ARGON R517 and H517 Grace Hopper systems are compact, integrated CPU+GPU systems in standard and also “H” high density configurations.

While we’ve tried to simplify the choices available here, the best way to get started is to chat to our team of solution architects about your specific application workloads, and your future plans. The we will design a system that meets your requirements today and into the future.

Local Service and Support

All systems are assembled at XENON in Melbourne, and extensively tested in our production facility before they are shipped to you. The XENON team can also install operating systems, update drivers, and even install the NVIDIA AI Enterprise stack or other software you require like Relion or Alphafold. You can even access your server remotely if you want to test specific configs before it leaves our facility.

The combination of through testing and configuration means immediate productivity when the system arrives at your organisation.

XENON also offers extensive service and support options, depending on the build and configuration of your system. Best of all, when you need support, you are talking to the team that assembled your system.

XENON Workstations and Servers are renown across the world for reliability, build quality, and having the highest quality components. Contact us today to discover the XENON Difference.

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