NVIDIA Leads the Way on AI Hardware

For every stage of your AI journey, there is an NVIDIA solution to meet your needs. NVIDIA leads the way in AI, providing both software stack and the hardware for AI.

NGC – AI Software

The core of NVIDIA’s hardware solutions is their innovative NVIDIA GPU Cloud containers. These pre-built optimised models and AI stacks allow you build AI solutions quickly and easily using the most appropriate models. The containers scale from Cloud to GPU server and the DGX platform seamlessly, allowing you to move quickly from experiments to implementations. NGC is included at no cost in all NVIDIA solutions.


NVIDIA GPU technology and NGC’s are available at all major public cloud providers. XENON professional services team assists companies to set-up cloud instances, manage data, and optimise containers for performance and to manage costs.

Cloud is a great way to start quickly and ramp up AI experiments and proof-of-concept projects. However, AI models utilise large data sets and GPUs run 24×7. This combination makes long term use of Cloud for AI expensive and most AI workloads move to onsite hardware when deployed in “production”.

GPU Workstations

Powerful desktop computers can be packed with GPU power and fast memory to create AI workstations. These are ideal for use by individuals or small teams of data scientists and AI researchers. XENON builds customised GPU workstations using NVIDIA GPU cards, and XENON also resells the DGX Station.

GPU Servers

GPU servers provide the most robust platform for production AI workloads. The new NVIDIA A100 GPU can be built into customised server platforms, or deploying in the NVIDIA DGX A100 (which includes 8x A100 GPU cards and powerful memory and networking).

XENON builds a range of GPU servers, customised to the specific workload and AI activities that you are undertaking with appropriate CPUs, memory, and GPU cards.

Professional Services for AI

XENON introduced GPU computing to Australia in 2008, and since then we have built 100’s of GPU solutions from small units for manufacturing and mining, to the largest GPU nodes in the country. The XENON Professional Services team can assist you at every stage of the AI journey – from data identification and analysis, to model selection, model training and production inference. The XENON team also provides training and managed services in AI. Learn more about how XENON can help you profit from AI. 

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