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NVIDIA® Ampere®

NVIDIA® Ampere® GPU architecture is the third generation GPU architecture from NVIDIA. Designed for elastic computing, Ampere delivers at least 6x acceleration compared to V100’s and ability to slice A100’s into Multi-instance GPU’s. The DGX A100 is available now.

The A100 PCIe is currently scheduled for general availability and shipment late September 2020, however this is subject to change given the current global environment. We will up-date this page as new information is known. Contact us for a quote and to reserve units in a pre-order arrangement.

model no.
key features
model no. NVIDIA® A100 PCIe «NEW»

New NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU PCIe form factor – Available in September 2020. Third generation Tensor Cores with 20x performance increase. Multi-Instance GPU capable, the A100 can be configured into 7 vGPU’s individually or in combinations to provide maximum flexibility in data analytics, training and inference.

key features
  • GPU Memory: 40GB
  • GPU Memory Bandwidth: 1,555 GB/s
  • Up to 7 Multi-instance GPU (MIG), with 5GB memory each
  • PCIe form factor
  • 250W power draw

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