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Storage and Data Protection

XENON has a wealth of experience in designing, delivering and supporting high performance storage solutions for HPC, Artificial Intelligence, Data-Centre and Big Data/Analytic deployments. XENON also offers significant integration and post-sales services and support, and managed services for storage infrastructure. To achieve the perfect balance between performance, capacity and price, XENON offers a comprehensive line of intelligent storage solutions that:

  • Scale flexibly and rapidly as business needs change,
  • Deliver exceptional availability,
  • Are highly cost-effective,
  • Provide high levels of data protection.

All organisations are experiencing an explosion of data and pressure on their storage infrastructure. Often the symptom of this pressure is felt in different areas:

  • Overburdened server storage leading to slow-downs and latency in business critical applications and databases,
  • Disk storage hitting capacity and slowing dramatically on reads and writes,
  • Archive storage growing exponentially,
  • Cloud buckets springing up and draining budgets.

The variety of solutions on offer, and the blending of technologies such as NAS and SAN, Object and Tape, Public and Private Cloud – make architecting a solution a complex and challenging operation.

XENON will work with you to discover what data you have, how your data is managed and what the data workflow is for your organisation. This discovery process allows us to tailor a storage solution for your requirements that will meet your organisations needs now and into the future.

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