XENON offers a series of instructor led training and workshops aimed at enhancing knowledge in the areas of:

  • AI, deep learning, accelerated computing, and accelerated data science.
  • Docker technologies.
  • Quantum StorNext – File System and Storage Manager.

Courses are delivered in a variety of modalities. Interested parties can choose from digital all-day or onsite workshops. For larger in-house groups, timing and locations can be customised to suit requirements.


XENON partners with our key vendors to offer certified training in these areas, by following the prescribed curriculum and offering the official knowledge and skill assessments.

XENON’s partners with Nvidia’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI)  courses which provide tools for developers and data scientists to start accelerating their applications with NVIDIA GPUs. These skills can be applied to virtually any industry, and support professional growth and development in the most important technologies of our time. All attendees receive a certificate from NVIDIA DLI.

XENON partners with Quantum Storage Learning Institute to offer storage engineers the Quantum recognised StorNext qualifications.

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