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NVIDIA vPC Solutions

NVIDIA® Virtual PC (vPC) and NVIDIA® Virtual Apps (vApps) improve virtual desktops and applications for every user, with proven performance built on NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs for exceptional productivity, security, and IT manageability. The virtualisation software divides Tesla GPU resources, so the GPU can be shared across multiple virtual machines running any application. Here are three powerful reasons to deploy vPC and vApps in your data centre.

Reason 1: Every App Is a Graphics App.
The number of graphic accelerated apps has doubled since 2012.

Reason 2: Be Prepared for the “New Normal”
Information workers, designers and engineers can realise up to 42% increase in productivity through the use of multiple displays.

Reason 3: Improve Density while Increasing User Satisfaction
With Virtual GPU, you can deliver GPU-acceleration to every virtualised user and support up to 24 concurrent users on a GPU card. More users can be supported with a better Windows 10 VDI user experience with a vGPU, making your users more productive.

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