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Customised Learning

Do you need to up-skill yourself or your team? Looking to bridge a short term requirement and need training now, from experts you can trust to deliver?

XENON will work with you to identify the skills and knowledge gap you need to bridge, and then XENON’s team will design a bespoke, tailored training course to meet these needs. The XENON team’s practical, real-world experience ensures that you will receive training that covers both the knowledge and practical application of skills to your subject.

The advantage of a tailored training course is that the hands-on projects and practical experience components will be directly related to the work you are doing, and the challenges you face. A XENON customised training course will equip you with the skills and the knowledge to bridge the gap to where you need to be. And in the process of doing the course, the XENON training team will take you there.

If you are looking to explore subjects, with an open destination in mind, the XENON team can deliver customised courses tailored to your industry based on our extensive experience. We can run courses around specific problems, models, or areas of artificial intelligence in small groups or even one-on-one to get you and your team up to speed quickly. We can also provide training in infrastructure topics – including containers, docker, kubernetes, software defined networking and open networking using Cumulus, hybrid cloud and hybrid cloud orchestration tools.

XENON can also customise the delivery methodology – delivering courses in a variety of manners to suit your requirements and ensure health and safety regulations are followed. Contact us today to discuss your specific training needs to determine if a customised training course is best for you and your team.

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COVID – Safe Courses

In response to COVID-19, XENON has taken measures to ensure that courses can continue to be delivered in a safe manner for all participants. Courses are available online, during Australian business hours delivered through online means.

We can also offer courses in our training facility in Melbourne, or at your organisation when permitted by health regulations and COVID-safe advice – contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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